Numismatic Conference Moscow 2005


We owe our thanks to Prof. Bogomil Nikolov (Sofia, Bulgaria), who gave at this conference a lecture about the Bulgarian Modern Medals, sending us the following article:

The 13th Russian Annual Conference on Numismatics
The annual Russian and international Conference was held in Moscow from the 11th to the 15th of April this year.

Reports of the results of the scientific, expositional, informational and collecting activities carried out by Russian specialists in the field of numismatics and other accessory branches were presented.
The Conference was carried out under the auspices of the Russian Federal Agency for Culture and Cinematography and with the participation of the Council of the International Numismatic Commission, the Russian Council on Numismatics, the Centre of Comparative Research on Ancient Civilizations, The Institute of History with the Russian Academy of Sciences and Moscow State University "Lomonossov".
The program included plenary sessions and discussions on Ancient and mediaeval numismatics, modern and present-day numismatics, bonistics, phaleristics and medallic art.
The opening of the Conference has held in the Italian Courtyard of the Pushkin Museum under the chairmanship of
I. A. Antonova, Director of the Museum. Speeches were delivered also by Professor V. L. Yanin, Academian of the Russian Academy of Sciences, G. V. Vilinbahov, Deputy Director of the State Hermitage of Sanct-Peterburg;
Prof. G. M. Bounhart- Levin, Academian of the RAS, Prof. Michel Amandrie, Director of the Department for Coins and Medals at the National Library of Paris, President of the International Commission on Numismatics and others.

1 Medal made on the occasion of the 13th Numismatic Conference.
2 The Director of the Pushkin Museum I. A. Antonova opens the Conference.
3, 4 Prof. B. Nikolov delivers his report
5. The cocktail party after the ceremony.