Was born 04/26/1950 in Leningrad, USSR

1965- 1969 - studied in the Serov Art College, Leningrad

1985 - member of the Artist's Union of the USSR

1991 FIDEM member

1991- 1993- member of  The Medal Council, Ministry of Culture, Russia

1996- awarded with The German Medal Society prix ( XXV FIDEM Congress )


His creations are represented in the following museums:

- The British Museum, London

- The State Museum of Berlin ( Münzkabinett )

- The State Hermitage, St.-Petersburg

- The State Historical Museum, Moscow

- The St.-Petersburg Historical Museum

- The State Navy Museum, St.- Petersburg

- The State Museum of Cosmonautique, Moscow

- The Northern Territories Museum, Hokaido, Japan

- The King Igor Museum, Novgorod- Seversky, Ukraina


He is the creator of the Gortschakov Medal (official award of  The Foreign Office of Russia). Among others, Eltsin , Primakov (vice prime minister), Putin, Kophi Anan and the head of  The Russian orthodoxal church Alexyi II were awarded with this medal.

He is an author of the whole set of medals devoted to The St.-Petersburg State University. One of the above was presented to H.M. Elizabeth II.

He created different memorial boards, among them : Jukowsky, Mojaisky, Korolev (all three stand in The Aviation Academy, St.-Petersburg), Gortschakov (Ministry of Foreign Affairs), Domenico Trezinni, Grigory Sandler (these two in The St.-Petersburg University), etc.

Also one can find in the mentioned university the following relieves : "Minerva's attributes'', " Sun clocks", "Spiral development" and one round sculpture "Dante and Beatrice".

In common he created more than 200 medals.

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